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Charlotte Wedding Photographer | eXtravaganza Depot | Bree + Jim

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to be a part of Bree + Jim’s wedding at Bree’s church in historic downtown Concord. I so enjoyed this wedding with this wonderful couple! The whole day was relaxed and fun, the locations and details were stunning…a true celebration of Bree + Jim’s marriage. Beyond their obvious love for each other it was evident that they are dearly loved by others because the entire place was packed! I really loved everything about this wedding…historic ceremony location, beautiful flowers, stunning bride, the elegant reception, the fun portrait locations. This was my first reception at eXtravaganza Depot and it was amazing! Definitely a hidden gem for receptions in Charlotte. Thanks to my friend Vanessa Schrotenboer for second shooting again. She did another fabulous job and you can check out her perspective on Bree + Jim’s wedding here. Below are some of my favorites from the day…

Charlotte Bridal Photographer | Bree

I’m super excited to share these bridal portraits! Bree is an absolutely stunning bride in her modern dress and the location turned out to be amazing. I’ve been wanting to shoot at the “urban barn” for a while, and Bree’s bridal session was a perfect opportunity. Bree’s dress, the warm evening light, the barn, and the awesome chair that my friend Mindy let me borrow all came together exactly how I had envisioned! Bree + Jim got married a couple weeks ago, so stay tuned for their blog post! Until then, enjoy my favorites from Bree’s bridal session…

Salisbury Wedding Photographer | Historic Train Depot | Jeni + Lee

A few of my favorite things…Historic locations. Vintage themes. Hand-crafted decorations. My sister. ¬†Stylish couples. Friends and family. Fall light. Brides who know how to smile with their eyes. Lots of time for portraits. This wedding had all of these things and more. I think this was my most enjoyable wedding to date. I loved seeing my sister get married. I loved the setting, the decorations, the themes, the light, the amount of time we had for pictures, and shooting with 2 friends. I loved working extensively with different films for the first time. I loved how Jeni knew exactly what to do in front of the camera! Most of all I loved seeing how excited Jeni + Lee were, and how much they loved each other. My creative juices were really flowing and I LOVE the end results! I’m so excited to be able to share these, and I feel totally privileged to have been Jeni + Lee’s photographer!

.Fuji Pro 400h

.Kodak TMax 400

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.Ilford 3200

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Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Metropolitan Ballroom | Danielle + Frank

Danielle + Frank’s wedding is definitely one of my favorite weddings ever! Everything was well-planned and relaxed, and we had lots of time for pictures both before and after the ceremony. I felt complete freedom to be an artist, which was fun and refreshing. On top of that the fall light was AMAZING and Danielle + Frank were stunning in front of the camera! PLUS I started working some film (film!?) in to my workflow during this event and I’m here to tell you that I have fallen way in love with film. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot of it on this blog in the future.

The ceremony was held at St Gabriel’s on Providence Road, with the reception right across the street at Metropolitan Ballroom. What a great reception location! It’s a great room with abundant natural light. Here are some of my favorites from the day:

The stunning bride:

Frank looked super sharp!

The groomsmen showing off their gift from Frank: new watches!

Danielle + Frank have their “First Look”…

It was very emotional

The next two are film!

Love this one…


I don’t usually share the family photos on my blog, but the location and light that we found was just so amazing that I had to share these:

Beautiful reception details…

Danielle + Frank share their first dance…

What a great time! Danielle + Frank, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day! Congratulations, and best wishes for you in the future… – David

Salisbury Wedding Photographer | Jeni + Lee | Sneak Peek

My sister got married yesterday!! It was a huge privilege to be her wedding photographer…here’s a quick preview

Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Danielle + Frank | Sneak Peek

One of my favorite weddings EVER!!

Charlotte Engagement Photographer | Vanessa + David

Meet Vanessa + David…they’re a super fun couple and we had a great time shooting their engagement photos! We found a great abandoned building in NoDa, threw in some amazing fall light, and we had a recipe for success. I always love engagement sessions because I get a chance to really get to know my clients and build a friendship, and I definitely count Vanessa + David as friends as a result of our time together. One cool fact about Vanessa is that she just completed her first half-marathon! I love learning stuff like that about all the people I get to meet. I can’t wait to shoot Vanessa + David’s wedding next year!

Charlotte Engagement Photographer | Vanessa + David | Sneak Peek

I had a fabulous time with Vanessa + David on Saturday shooting their engagement session in NoDa! Here’s a quick preview…

Salisbury Wedding Photographer | Historic Train Depot | Amber + Joel

Amber+Joel are such an amazing couple and I am so happy for them to finally be married! They booked with me way back in March of last year, so we had a lot of time to get to know each other on Facebook and during our engagement session and bridal session (coming soon to the blog). I even got to play pickup basketball with Joel once! As a result I really consider both of them friends and so it was extra special to be a part of their wedding! Plus, they know exactly what to do in front of the camera! I’ve really enjoyed working with them.

The ceremony was held at the beaufitul Omwake-Dearborn Chapel on the campus of Catawba College with the reception at the nearby Salisbury Historic Train Depot. There was much emotion and celebrating, and it was a great joy to see Amber+Joel come together as one.

Many congratulations to Amber + Joel!

Concord Wedding Photographer | Westford UMC | Caitlin + Curtis

Caitlin+Curtis are such a fabulous couple! Their generosity and kindness was evident as people toasted them at their reception. I was privileged to be a part of their wedding day! I’m really happy with all of the pictures; here are a few of my favorites.

Congratulations to Caitlin+Curtis!