Charlotte Wedding Photographer | eXtravaganza Depot | Bree + Jim

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to be a part of Bree + Jim’s wedding at Bree’s church in historic downtown Concord. I so enjoyed this wedding with this wonderful couple! The whole day was relaxed and fun, the locations and details were stunning…a true celebration of Bree + Jim’s marriage. Beyond their obvious love for each other it was evident that they are dearly loved by others because the entire place was packed! I really loved everything about this wedding…historic ceremony location, beautiful flowers, stunning bride, the elegant reception, the fun portrait locations. This was my first reception at eXtravaganza Depot and it was amazing! Definitely a hidden gem for receptions in Charlotte. Thanks to my friend Vanessa Schrotenboer for second shooting again. She did another fabulous job and you can check out her perspective on Bree + Jim’s wedding here. Below are some of my favorites from the day…

Charlotte Bridal Photographer | Bree

I’m super excited to share these bridal portraits! Bree is an absolutely stunning bride in her modern dress and the location turned out to be amazing. I’ve been wanting to shoot at the “urban barn” for a while, and Bree’s bridal session was a perfect opportunity. Bree’s dress, the warm evening light, the barn, and the awesome chair that my friend Mindy let me borrow all came together exactly how I had envisioned! Bree + Jim got married a couple weeks ago, so stay tuned for their blog post! Until then, enjoy my favorites from Bree’s bridal session…

Charlotte Engagement Photographer | Stephanie + Taylor

I had a great time with Stephanie + Taylor on their “old fashioned picnic” engagement shoot! Taylor is an old friend and I’ve been so glad to see Stephanie come in to his life. I’m super excited to see them get married next month! Here are a few of my favorites…

Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Roof With A View | Shaynah + Michael

Last spring I had the pleasure to second shoot with my sister-in-law, the lovely Elisabeth Rose. Shaynah + Michael are good friends who we go to church with, so it was just an all-around great time. Second shooting is really a lot of fun because you’re free from the pressure to capture everything and you’re able to just relax and try new things. With all of the editing I had to do last year I never got around to these, so in honor of Shaynah + Michael’s one year anniversary today I decided to finally give them a go! Congratulations to you both and happy anniversary!

Nikon D3X

Nikon D3X

Yesterday Nikon formally announced the much-rumored D3X. The D3X is basically just a D3 with more megapixels. Or is it? The D3X has 24.5 megapixels while the D3 has 12.3. However, the D3X frame rate is 5 FPS while the D3 is 10 FPS. Apparently, doubling the megapixels halves the frame rate. Why? It appears that the D3X is exactly the same physically as the D3, though I have no way of knowing for sure. Assuming this is true though, the D3X should be physically able to shoot at 10 FPS. Why then is the frame rate only 5 FPS? There must be some other limiting factor. I can only assume that it’s the write speed of the camera from the sensor to the buffer. Since there is double the information (twice the pixels), the D3X can’t process the image as fast as the D3 can (assuming both cameras use the same processor). So it looks like Nikon just took a D3, slapped a new sensor in it, and made a “new” camera without improving anything else in the camera.  
You’re probably wondering what my point is. My point is that I think Nikon is not doing a good job differentiating their products. Before the D3X, what was the compelling reason to get a D3 over a D700? They both have the same sensor and the D700 actually has some ergonomic improvements over the D3. So the only reason to get a D3 over a D700 is speed. The D3 is twice as fast, which is great for journalists and sports shooters, and justifies the extra $2,000. Now we have the D3X which is (supposedly) an upgrade to the D3. However, the frame rate is cut in half. So if you have a D3 and are considering moving to the D3X, you have to downgrade your FPS significantly in order to upgrade your megapixels, and you get to pay $4,000 for this privilege. If speed matters to you, the D3X doesn’t cut it. Since the only market for the D3 after the release of the D700 was speed shooters and the speed shooters won’t consider the D3X, is there any market for the D3X? Basically the choice is between the D700 and the D3X, not between the D3 and the D3X. If that’s the case, you get to pay $5,500 more for the D3X to get more megapixels and a bigger, heavier body. But if you are going to spend that much money on megapixels, why not just go all the way to medium format digital backs whose quality will blow away the D3X? As you can see, there doesn’t appear to be any compelling reason to spend $8,000 on a D3X. My advice: skip the D3X.