Bridal Portraits

Charlotte Bridal Photographer | Bree

I’m super excited to share these bridal portraits! Bree is an absolutely stunning bride in her modern dress and the location turned out to be amazing. I’ve been wanting to shoot at the “urban barn” for a while, and Bree’s bridal session was a perfect opportunity. Bree’s dress, the warm evening light, the barn, and the awesome chair that my friend Mindy let me borrow all came together exactly how I had envisioned! Bree + Jim got married a couple weeks ago, so stay tuned for their blog post! Until then, enjoy my favorites from Bree’s bridal session…

2010 Year In Review

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already 2011! With the coming of a new year I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year as a photographer. I’m really grateful for the blessing of being able to do something that I love and have a passion for. 2010 was a very full year! I shot a total of 10 weddings (doubling my 2009 total). I worked really hard to define what I want to communicate as an artist and I feel like I nailed down that vision last year, both from an artistic and technical perspective. I believe this helped me to take my art to the “next level” last year, which is really exciting! My clients last year were wonderful and allowed me to be a part of some amazing weddings. If you were a client of mine in 2010, thank you so much for the privilege of being a part of your special day!

In short, 2010 was a huge step forward and I couldn’t be more excited for 2011! To wrap things up here are my favorite images from the past year.



















Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Bridal Portraits | Jeni on Film

The film portion of my recent bridal shoot with my sister Jeni. First time using Portra and I love how it looks! I love shooting with Jeni because she’s an artist and she really knows how to get her model on. Check these out…

Thoughts on Portra: properly overexposed (2 stops) skin tones look great. I love how this film seems to subtly saturate the skin tones without saturating the rest of the colors. Underexposed skin tones look pretty grey and yucky but that’s probably true of all film. Definitely has fine grain but I feel like I can see the grain more than with Fuji 400h which seems to give a smoother look overall. This is especially noticeable in the out-of-focus areas which tend to look harsh. That could just be the harsh bokeh that my cheapo 50mm produces. I would love to see what this film does with an 85mm f/1.4! Gotta keep saving my pennies…

Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Bridal Portraits | Sarah

It’s been so hard to sit on these for over 3 months! This was one of my favorite sessions ever and I am really happy with the images that we made. I met Sarah at Grace Covenant Church in South End where her ceremony was to take place. The church is a beautiful setting and Sarah was awesome in front of the camera! I loved her elegant style that really came through in her pictures. These are a few of my favorites!

This is epic!

I love this next one A LOT


Wow, I love this one

Ok this might be my most favorite portrait that I’ve taken…EVER

Sarah, thanks for following all my crazy directions and letting your personality come out for these pictures. They were super fun!

Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Bridal Portraits | Amber

I’m so excited to be able to finally share these! Amber, her mom, and I went out on a beautiful spring evening to do some bridal portraits and had a great time. Amber looked really beautiful and did a great job in front of the camera!

This next one is my favorite