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Thank you for stopping by!I have been enjoying photography for many years, starting with an old manual focus film camera from the 1980′s and a musty darkroom at school. The technology of photography is constantly changing, and now my gear consists of professional Nikon digital cameras and an Apple computer as my darkroom. Even though the tools of photography change constantly, the purpose of photography does not. My desire is to create fresh, timeless images that capture the mood and emotion of the setting I am in at any given time. As my creativity and technical skill has grown, my passion for this art form has followed suit. I am thrilled that others are now enjoying my work as well!Photographs offer us a unique opportunity to review and remember the events of our lives. Few events are as important or memorable as your wedding day! As a result, I seek to capture both what happened (the facts) and how it happened (the emotion). By themselves, neither of those provide the full picture of your wedding day. Together, they can help you relive that special day and remember God’s goodness all over again.

I hope that my photography impacts you in the way I described. I would love the opportunity to serve you by capturing your special day! If you have any questions or you would like to talk to with me, please e-mail me at info@davidmalament.com.

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