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The film portion of my recent bridal shoot with my sister Jeni. First time using Portra and I love how it looks! I love shooting with Jeni because she’s an artist and she really knows how to get her model on. Check these out…

Thoughts on Portra: properly overexposed (2 stops) skin tones look great. I love how this film seems to subtly saturate the skin tones without saturating the rest of the colors. Underexposed skin tones look pretty grey and yucky but that’s probably true of all film. Definitely has fine grain but I feel like I can see the grain more than with Fuji 400h which seems to give a smoother look overall. This is especially noticeable in the out-of-focus areas which tend to look harsh. That could just be the harsh bokeh that my cheapo 50mm produces. I would love to see what this film does with an 85mm f/1.4! Gotta keep saving my pennies…

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